Top 10 Reasons To File A Provisional Patent Application

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As a patent attorney, I enjoy talking to inventors.  I love helping inventors and entrepreneurs secure intellectual property rights in their respective works.   A good part of my business involves building new relationships with people interested in the patent process.  Trying to explain the entire patent process over the phone, or in an initial consultation, can be pretty difficult though. … Read More

Patent Searching Using the Lens

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As I have written on earlier occasions, performing a patent search is a great way for inventors to get a feel for what’s out in the world of prior art before navigating the unknown and often perilous waters of the United States patent system.  I encourage inventors to perform their own preliminary patent searches, as it is a great way … Read More

An Introduction to Patent Searching

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     Whether you’re a seasoned inventor or are attempting to patent your first invention, performing a patent search is a logical first step.  It only makes sense to learn and understand what’s out there before embarking on the long, expensive and frustrating voyage of obtaining patents in the United States and abroad.  And with today’s internet, accessing relevant patent information … Read More

U.S. Patent Number 9,000,000

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Today, the United States Patent and Trademark Office issued the nine millionth United States utility patent to Matthew Carroll of Jupiter, Florida.  The invention is directed to a system and method of collecting  and conditioning rainwater and other moisture, such as dew, from the windshield of a vehicle and utilizing the collected fluid to replenish the fluids in the windshield washer … Read More

Congratulations to Michelle Lee

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On Monday March 9th, The United States Senate confirmed Michelle Lee as the new director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  She is the first woman to hold this position, and has a resume any patent attorney would love to have.  Her background is in electrical engineering and computer science, holding both undergraduate and graduate degrees from M.I.T.. … Read More

A Tribute To The Past

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Part of this firm’s motto is “honoring tradition and the spirit of innovation.”  Personally, I couldn’t think of a better way to honor tradition than to decorate this website with illustrations from long expired U.S. patents.  Some drawings you may recognize.  Others are more obscure.  Nevertheless, each illustration reflects back to a time when patent drawings were painstakingly hand drafted. Many contemporaries consider … Read More