Goodbye 2020

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Las Vegas couldn’t wait to say goodbye to 2020.  Last year will be remembered as a year shut down by the COVID-19 pandemic.  It will be seen as a year rattled by social unrest.  It was a year scarred by apocalyptic wildfires.   It was also a year obscured by one of the most contentious Presidential elections in United States history.  … Read More

The True Lights of Las Vegas

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One week later and Las Vegas is still grieving.  We are slowly healing, but this last week hasn’t been easy for anyone.  Our deepest sympathies are still with those affected by this unconscionable tragedy. We are forever grateful for the continued outpouring of support from all corners of the world.  Furthermore, we salute those whose first instinct was to help.  … Read More

Have a Blast on Independence Day!

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The Thornton Firm celebrates 241 years of American independence.   Just as we salute those who fought to bring forth a new nation, we celebrate the spirit of innovation which keeps this great nation moving forward.   From the lights of Las Vegas to all points beyond, America is still a home for big ideas and big dreams. But perhaps we should … Read More

Holiday Greetings

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As the year winds down and our attention turns to family and all things warm, The Thornton Firm would like to wish everyone a joyous and safe holiday.  May the spirit of the season bring you comfort and happiness, and may your new year bring good health and prosperity.  Cheers!

The Thornton Firm Is Moving

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Moving Truck

After over a year of successful business at our Gramercy Las Vegas location, The Thornton Firm is moving to a vibrant new location.  We look forward to serving our clients from the Arroyo Corporate Center.  Our new address is 7455 Arroyo Crossing, Suite 220, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89113.  Stay tuned for further details.  

Independence Day 2016

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The Thornton Firm celebrates 240 years of American independence.  We wish you and your family a happy, productive and safe holiday weekend. Yes, this weekend will revolve around family, fun and fireworks.  However, it is also a good time to reflect on the freedoms we enjoy today because of the courage of a number of individuals who began a grand experiment in popular sovereignty; and … Read More

Emergency Preparedness

Scott ThorntonLas Vegas, Patent Attorney, Patent Office

On Tuesday, December 22, the United States Patent and Trademark Office headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia experienced a major power outage.  This outage caused significant damage to the USPTO’s electronic systems, which required the USPTO to shut down the vast majority of its online and IT systems.  As a result, the USPTO’s Electronic Filing System (EFS), patent searching and information retrieval systems, electronic payment … Read More