The True Lights of Las Vegas

Scott ThorntonGallery, Las Vegas, Miscellaneous

One week later and Las Vegas is still grieving.  We are slowly healing, but this last week hasn’t been easy for anyone.  Our deepest sympathies are still with those affected by this unconscionable tragedy.

We are forever grateful for the continued outpouring of support from all corners of the world.  Furthermore, we salute those whose first instinct was to help.  When darkness fell on this city, it was driven back with the light of courage and compassion.  And as mesmerizing as the signage may be here, no amount of neon or LEDs will ever outshine that kind of radiance.

Our police and first responders were on the scene almost immediately, and put themselves in harm’s way so that numerous others could eventually make it home.  Caring and committed people came out in numbers never before seen to donate blood and volunteer at local hospitals.  Hard working people donated their time helping families from out of town find their loved ones.   And so many generous people donated record sums of money to a victims’ fund started by Clark County Commissioner, Steve Sisolak.  Numerous other stories of individual heroism in the face of extreme danger continue to inspire us all.   No reward or amount of praise can truly repay those who selflessly rose to the occasion, and continue to do so.

Though we are still hurting inside, we remain committed to moving things forward.  Las Vegas is a strong and resilient city made of and by strong and resilient people.  And those strong and resilient people will continue to work to make this city a special place for everyone.  This tragedy did not, and will not, stop this great oasis from being one of the greatest places in the world.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Las Vegas.  Your lights are shining brighter than ever before.  We at The Thornton Firm have never felt prouder to call this great city our home.