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From writing a highly detailed technical specification to preparing a set of definitive claims to drafting a set of quality drawings, an inventor must be sure to submit a patent application that the United States Patent and Trademark Office will not only accept, but will offer the inventor the best chance of withstanding the rigors of the patent examination process.  If that isn’t enough, a patent application must be written in a manner that will actually cover enough features of an invention so the patent will actually be valuable.  And finally, a patent application must also be written in such a way that it will hold up in court should the the patent become the subject of of an infringement lawsuit.

Daimler V Twin 1889The fact of the matter is that a United States Patent is a complex legal instrument whose preparation should not be performed by amateurs.  We prepare patent applications that provide the greatest possible value to the inventor.  We devote the time and energy to insure that our clients’ ideas and innovations are properly captured and expressed in their patent applications, and we stand by our work throughout the entire application process.

We prepare patent applications on a flat fee basis.  Due to Nevada’s business friendly climate, our low overhead and reliance on the latest technology, we are able to perform our services at highly reduced rates.

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